MapleStory x Hatsune Miku

JMS is having a crossover event featuring Hatsune Miku! Of course, no Miku event is complete unless there are some Vocaloid songs. The following tracks are linked to their respective OneDrive file. Once within OneDrive, simply press “Download” on the top menu to initiate the transfer.

JMS 3.31 - 8/26

A couple of new Star Planet BGMs.

KMST 1.2.512 - 8/21

Also, I’ve uploaded all of the Star Planet tracks onto OneDrive.

This website will be used to deliver information regarding new MapleStory BGM releases. The entire collection of BGMs will also be available shortly so you can seek out your favorite tracks.

If you notice an issue with any track or would like to help identifying some of the tracks that still lack a description in the Location-Usage section, please let me know in the comments.

I hope this site will help you locate some of the songs that we all know and love from MapleStory.


New tracks for Star Planet have arrived!

KMST 1.2.510 - 8/7

As a side note, there will likely be a couple more tracks coming up in future Tespia patches. I’ll upload all of them onto OneDrive once they’re all released.