Prepare to fight the final boss of Black Heaven!
Also note that KMST has been reset to version 1, due to the reorganization of the test server.

KMST 1.2.001 - 11/20
Bgm41/Gravity Core
Bgm41/Gravity Lord Rise
Bgm41/Gravity Lord

Music from the Attack on Titan crossover event in JapanMS.

JMS 3.34 - 11/19

Some new songs for Black Heaven have shown up on KMS. Tracks released earlier in KMS and KMST can be found on this post and this post.

KMS 1.2.223 - 10/29

The Flower Violeta theme has been replaced by an instrumental version in GMS. Here is the original version with lyrics.

GMS 1.56 - 10/29
Bgm38/FlowerVioleta - instrumental version (named ‘FlowerVioletaInst’ on OneDrive)

Black Heaven has been released in the live server for KMS, and a couple of additional tracks have been added. These appear to be the theme songs for Black Heaven. Tracks released earlier in KMST can be found on this post.

KMS 1.2.221 - 9/29