An alternative version of Burning Santa, used for 2015 holiday events.

JMS 3.45 - 12/8
BgmGL/GLBurningSanta (Alternate)

Music for the 2015 GlobalMS holiday events.

GMS 1.68 - 12/2

A new event track featuring a room where development for MapleStory occurs.

TMS 1.85 - 12/2

Set forth in a new Blockbuster adventure: Heroes of Maple!

KMST 1.2.024 - 11/26
Bgm45/Heroes Of Maple Theme
Bgm45/Heroes Of Maple Theme Piano
Bgm45/Through The Blizzard
Bgm45/Army Of Fears Theme
Bgm45/Pain And Sorrow

Music from the Halloween event in MapleStory 2.

MapleStory 2 - October 2015