Korean Folk Town has finally reopened following a reorganization! New music has been added to KMS alongside the earlier song released in the test server last week.

KMS 1.2.242 - 8/5
Bgm43/Dancing With Ghosts
Bgm43/Unexpected crisis
Bgm43/Welcome To The Creepy Ghost Park

A new track from KMST used for the revamped Korean Folk Town. The picture featured during the song is related to the Kinesis storyline, which was released shortly before.

KMST 1.2.017 - 7/30
Bgm43/This too shall pass away

A Japanese cover of the song featured in FriendStory: Rock & Roll.

JMS 3.42 - 7/29
Bgm42/Catch Your Dreams! ~Japanese ver.~

This summer’s Reboot update is in full swing as The Supernatural patch arrives. A couple of new songs were added for Kinesis and his starting area.

KMS 1.2.240 - 7/22
Bgm43/Kinesis Theme II
Bgm43/Unknown Part Of City

Kinesis has arrived! Music from the Kinesis cinematic has been added into KMST and will likely show up in-game.

KMST 1.2.016 - 7/16
Bgm43/Kinesis Theme I